Test Outsourcing

Software testing is an important means to ensure the quality of software, and the test work to the third party professional team will effectively promote the improvement of software quality.
The test outsourcing is based on complementary advantages to achieve a win-win situation, enterprises will reduce costs and improve quality.
Bizsmooth's software testing service team originated from providing testing services for American companies, providing various solutions and services for client software testing projects.

Enterprises in the process of recruiting their own testing personnel, will inevitably encounter many difficult problems, such as not being able to correctly assess the level and ability of the testers,unable to provide good technical training system,unable to quickly set up the test team to integration into the development process, and if the project is not continuous, job may the present stage of stagnation. But the test outsourcing can solve the above problem and reduce the cost of human.

Project outsourcing cost is lower than the cost of enterprises own recruited professional test team,the tester from the professional test team will get more technical support,professional test team can bring more technical support based on the business needs for clients. Bizsmooth provides a service team rather than individuals. Our testing outsourcing solutions are combined with tools, consulting and training to reduce project costs and project risks on the premise of ensuring project quality.

Bizsmooth’s testing expert have rich experience in project implementation. Bizsmooth combines the testing requirements of large and medium-sized domestic and foreign enterprises, and provides the current domestic advanced testing training courses, which can provide pre job training for test outsourcing personnel.Most of the Bizsmooth test outsourcing staff are trainees who have been trained by Bizsmooth skills training school, and they have a strong sense of identity and belonging to Bizsmooth, which will greatly increase the stability of the personnel in the job and the motivation and confidence of the work.

Automation Testing

Bizsmooth's independently developed BizRunner development platform and BizAT test execution framework are positioned to improve the efficiency and quality of the front-line testers,
the pursuit of test automation cost performance, rather than simply the pursuit of automation test work, pay attention to step by step, the pursuit of stability and low risk.
BizRunner uses a self-developed scripting language dedicated to test execution. It has a rich library of test scripts and data, and also runs Python and PowerShell scripts.
BizAT is an integrated automated test execution framework, which supports manual operation and machine code switching at any time, collects test results automatically and integrates with existing management processes.

  • Developing Idea

    The test automation project is implemented step by step, from test case documents to automated execution framework, and gradually add machine code, manual operation and automatic execution can be switched at any time.
    The construction of a real test bench, testers can easily manipulate multiple test machines, and closely integrated with the existing test management platform, but also an efficient learning and practice platform.

  • System Characteristic

    Manual operation and machine execution interchange. - To deal with the risk of change.
    Full automatic test of module function. - 100% to achieve full automation and multiple operation monitoring.
    Test bench - Focus on testing operation and integration of the existing management system.
    Taking test cases as the core. - Around the TestCase iterative process of TestCase.

  • Work Mode

    The BizAT test system provides a framework for managing scripts and driving test activities. For flexibility, it supports three work modes Standalone Mode,SinglePC Mode and Server Mode.
    According to different test scenarios can be selected at any time in the three mode.

  • System Architecture

    The components of BizAT include the DLL library for the third party development platform, SUTAgent, DashBoard and BizTest management system.
    The BizAT system provides a set of execution framework around the concept of Test Bench, and the tester drives the system under test through the workbench.
    BizAT provides Agent programs that are executed in the system under test, continuously monitors the state of the system and automatically submits bug report.
    The BizTest system in BizAT is a complete test management platform, and it is closely integrated with third party test management systems such as QMetry and JIRA.

Hardware Test

Hardware testing is to strictly check the function, performance, reliability, compatibility and stability of hardware products, whose main purpose is to ensure the reliability of hardware,
and the correctness and accuracy of connection between hardware and hardware, and assist the Department to make improvement and development of hardware technology and hardware specification.
Bizsmooth hardware testing service is based on the self-developed automated testing system, and has its own test script library through long-term accumulation.
In addition, a variety of intelligent detection and execution tools have been developed for hardware testing, such as image recognition, voice recognition, robot arm control, wireless remote control switch, etc..

Testing Instrument

The traditional hardware testing workload is large and trivial, and completely rely on manual testing.On the one hand, with the increase of labor cost, the cost will be more and more big,on the other hand, it can not guarantee the operation quality and quantity to complete, so it is meaningful to take some intelligent auxiliary means.

Test Tools

BizAT execution framework is independently developed by Bizsmooth to build the concept of Test Bench, it can have the tester on the workbench, monitoring all testing work and manual operation when needed. Other intelligent auxiliary testing tools developed by Bizsmooth can also improve the efficiency of hardware testing.

Test Result

Bizsmooth hardware test system, the test results are completely included in the system, the tester can query detailed information, such as the specific test time, backup files at the time of testing. Not only ensure the integrity of test data, but also ensure the authenticity of the test work.

Onsite Training of Testing

Using this service, Bizsmooth senior lecturer team will enter the enterprise.According to the actual needs for business and team, exclusive customized training courses.
By Bizsmooth testing on-site training, the test team can quickly upgrade the comprehensive ability for software quality escort.

  • Targeted Curriculum Customization
    Developed software testing training plans by Bizsmooth after long-term accumulate,according to the situation of enterprises, to provide the most suitable training solution. Provide students with test solutions that are best suited to the actual testing requirements of the enterprise, providing open source and free testing solutions to saving test costs.
  • Excellent Faculty and Curriculum
    Bizsmooth lecturers are senior software testing experts with rich software testing experience and training experience, can guarantee the quality of training. Moreover, the training courses of Bizsmooth are all built by full-time teachers. After long-term accumulation and continuous improvement, the teaching effect is outstanding.
  • Good After-sales Service
    After the lecture, Bizsmooth will provide free online answering service for each of the trainees one year, to help students solve the technical problems in the work, promote on-site training to achieve the desired effect, and regularly publish test technical information and industry news for enterprise.
Bizsmooth has the training qualification for software testing of Vocational training guidance center of Shanghai Municipal People's social Bureau,and helped develop the software testing curriculum system in universities and colleges in Shanghai.