Bizsmooth R&D Center has been certified as PuDong New Area Enterprise R&D Institutions.

Bizsmooth technical team originated from Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) with a strong independent R&D capabilities. We invest in building network lab and software testing lab autonomously. We have been certitied as PuDong New Area Enterprise R&D Institutions and a number of R&D projects are financed by government funds.

An advocate of practical training

Bizsmooth took the lead in practical training since 2003, at that time, Premier Wen Jiabao had a cordial talk with Bizsmooth student when he visited the Shanghai career skills training guidance center. He is very supportive of college students taking part in vocational training and exercising.

CCTV shot A day for software testers in Bizsmooth

Software testing is an important guarantee for the quality of software products,and it is also an essential part of software development team. Bizsmooth has been engaged in software testing outsourcing services,we participate in the development of “The professional standards of software test engineer”,and compiled the teaching materials.

Automation is an inevitable trend of the testing

Test automation can not only reduce labor costs,but also speed up the iterative process of product development. The automated test development platform and execution framework developed by Bizsmooth is committed to improving the efficiency and quality of the test work, and supports on transforming the munual testing into automated testing step by step.

IT Service, by Bizsmooth

Bizsmooth takes R&D as its core to support service and training business.The service business provides the training business with the actual experience of teacher resources and real cases and the training business also provides sufficient personnel reserves for the service business.

The unique talent service

Bizsmooth's talent service team has both rich HR experience and IT skill knowledge,be able to provide suitable professionals for customers quickly with the resources of training school,independent development of talent evaluation and skills examination system and professional personnel library system.

Advantage of Bizsmooth

Bizsmooth is a professional company specializing in IT technology, which integrates service business (including operation and maintenance, software testing and talent service) and training business.
We independently build Technology Labs,enhance the competitive advantage of service business and training business through technical research and product development.
We were jointly evaluated as "Technologically Advanced Service Enterprises" and "The Core Enterprises of Outsourcing Services" by several departments in Shanghai.

Escort the IT System

A stable IT system is the foundation of the "business smooth". Bizsmooth's professional team has 16 years of service experience, will escort your IT system with strict processes and professional specifications.

Provide Suitable Personnel

Rapid team building is an important prerequisite for the smooth running of the project. Bizsmooth has formed mature operation mode,our great talent bank and professional service team can help you get detailed and exhaustive requirements analysis, and quickly find the right talents for you.

Solve Problems Efficiently

Bizsmooth's self-developed test automation system speeds up the iterations process of product development. The remote service system can help you troubleshoot quickly. The human resource evaluation system and examination system can provide effective identification of the most suitable personnel for you.

The Best Security Guarantee

Bizsmooth has passed strict examination,and is a qualified military classified business consultancy services provider. Bizsmooth has rich actual combat experience and perfect technology and management measure in ensuring the safety of national secrets and maintaining the security of customers' business secret information.

Operation and Maintenance Service

Our idea is Fire Prevention is Better Than Fire Fighting, to ensure the stable operation of client IT system.
We have established a series of IT fault prevention mechanisms to actively service and strengthen routine inspection and preprocessing, rather than passive maintenance and repair.
Regular testing and updating,rich reporting functions and early warning reporting mechanism to ensure the sustainable development of IT for enterprise.

Systematic Management

During the service cycle, it is divided into intervention period, service period and end period, controlling the whole process of service, strictly evaluating the performance of service personnel, and ensuring the service quality. Accurate management of each service record and regularly provide analysis reports.

Team Technical Cooperation

Bizsmooth technical team is composed of experts in all aspects, have to undergo a rigorous technical training and service standards training. Daily work reports, weekly technical exchanges and technical training from the training schools and R&D Center guarantee the technical leadership of service personnel.

Remote Technical Support

Bizsmooth use our product BizHelpdesk, no matter where you are, just click your mouse, you are immediately able to have a IT expert on call.BizHelpdesk ensures that only the client can initiate the connection,all actions of the server can be seen on the client side and can be shut down remotely at any time.

Using BizService System

Bizsmooth has perfect customer management mechanism, using our own product BizService, trace all the maintenance records since the customers created their profiles, centrally manage all customer information, as customer service and support center, solve customer problems quickly and accurately, promote customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Testing Service

Bizsmooth has a range of experiences in the software testing field, including but not limited to software testing training, testing service outsourcing, testing product development and testing personnel service.
Bizsmooth has rich "test resources" through long-term accumulation, includes all kinds of testing tools, training plans, language platform and test case data.
Bizsmooth is focusing on improving the efficiency of the test work,and gradually transforming manual testing work into efficient execution driven by automated test system.

Build Test Platform Quickly

To build a test platform is time-consuming in testing task,Bizsmooth can quickly build the required test platform based on customer needs through the various platform resources library and the operating system advantages in operation and maintenance services.

Quickly reach Qualified Personnel

Bizsmooth skills training school focus on training the software testing talents, the students would get the certificate of vocational skills by examination. Independently developed training materials and teaching plans can be customized according to the demands,we are devoting to provide qualified personnel for the project.

Professional Testing Team

Bizsmooth has practical service experience of large enterprises, understands the large companys' demands on the software testing standards. Bizsmooth has formed a professional testing process and management systems, the test team has the ability to write in English report.

R & D Test System Independently

Bizsmooth independent development of automatic test system-BizAT and BizRunner can be converted a test document into automation test scripts.We focus on "step by step", stability and low risk in order to improve the efficiency and quality of the first line test work.

Human Resources Service

Bizsmooth have the experience of providing the talented person of IT for large enterprises,
the service goal is located in the success of customer projects, rather than the individual profit requirements, and constantly accumulate awareness of customer project characteristics, providing flexible and diverse service model.
We think very highly of creating unique value for both the customers and employees, and creating a win-win-win relationship among customer enterprises, employees and Bizsmooth.

Rich Human Resources

The self-developed BizHunter system contains a rich talent pool containing interview evaluation information and customer feedback information.Bizsmooth has a cooperative relationship with more than 20 well-known universities and nearly 3000 people attend training each year.

Industry Concentration

The in-depth understanding of the IT field talent market situation help Bizsmooth recruitment team maintains a long-term relationship with customers. They understand every customer's IT talent needs very well,so has a high efficiency in the service process.

Employee Care

Bizsmooth has employee care team for personnel service quality and management.Regularly organize various activities of communication and team building activities,encourage employees to participate in the Bizsmooth skills training school,ensuring the stability of customer project personnel.

Flexible Service Model

Bizsmooth personnel service positioned to quickly deploy appropriate talent for customer projects and providing flexible and diverse service patterns includes headhunting service, deployment of personnel from private projects, offside outsourcing and customized training etc.

Looking Forward to Your Joining

We have been established for 16 years, advocating technology and ability. We combine our technical advantages with vocational training, and have developed into a high-tech group with a variety of businesses and gathered a large number of senior technical personnel.
Welcome to join us if you want to find a platform to improve yourself.