Human Resources Outsourcing

Through the use of professional knowledge and human resources experience,Bizsmooth can help enterprise to quickly build the project team,effectively provide the most suitable person for the client's project.
By providing outsourcing services, the enterprise does not need to expand its personnel structure and avoid wasting time due to solve staffing problems.
The use of Bizsmooth skills training school resources can solve the temporary needs of a large number of professional personnel.

  • Change of Personnel
  • Risk of Employment
  • Administration Cost
  • Technical Capability
  • Information Security
  • Team Building

Personnel Outsourcing

  • Perfect personnel backup mechanism and quick handover
  • Pay a fixed fee every month,no worries and risks
  • Effectively containment arbitrary pay and employee management
  • By Bizsmooth training resources,improve the level of staff skills
  • Signing confidentiality agreements and strictly restricting employees
  • Depend the professional team to solve complex problems any time

Enterprise Recruitment

  • Rapid recruitment difficulties,the staff can not transfer
  • Special labor disputes,lack of professional personnel to solve
  • Increasing staffing costs extra time and effort
  • The level of business is limited by the personal skill of employees
  • Difficult to obtain control effect by using own security measures
  • The company's own HR department sometimes has no time to attend

Headhunting Service

Bizsmooth has headhunting talent, and has a professional qualification certificate of HR expert team.
Bizsmooth combine IT skill knowledge with human resource knowledge, accumulate our own professional talent pool constantly in order to provide flexible service model.

Analyzing Client Requirements

The full and effective communication with customers,in order to understand the corporate culture, company background and industry characteristics of each other, and jointly to the required positions for discussion and Analysis on the responsibilities of the position, experience, treatment, reporting relationships and candidate type consensus.

Job Requirements and Searching

According to a profound understanding of the customers of the industry, combined with the specific job requirements, submit a written job description.And on this basis, use the relationships between our talent pool and related organizations and people in various industries, make skillful contact with each potential candidate.

Sign a Cooperation Agreement

Describe the responsibilities, qualifications, requirements and salary range of the required positions through communication with the client. The service agreement includes job description, recruitment methods, project time and guarantee and salary structure etc. The client shall agree to the service agreement and sign it.

Looking For Candidates

Analyze and filter the information of all candidates, including their personality characteristics, job status, communication ability, personal level, turnover possibility and motivation, salary level etc. Screen out the candidates who meet the requirements and arrange the first interview.

Interview and Evaluation

Based on the job description and requirements for candidates with first interview,mainly on the personality, management ability, professional skill, communication skill, foreign language level, reasons for leave, advantages and disadvantages of evaluation. And on this basis, write a comprehensive assessment report.

Recommend Candidates to Client

Provide comprehensive information to the client through the evaluation of the candidate, and arrange candidates to interview with clients according to the requirements.Collect feedback from customers and candidates to help them communicate effectively with specific terms of engagement.

Reference Check

When the client confirm the candidate, Bizsmooth will make a background survey. The content can according to customer requirements, can also according to the conventional format, such as from the candidate's colleagues or former leader to understand the character and temperament, work habits and other information, to ensure the reliability of the candidate.

Consultation and Follow Up

To assist both parties solve the problem during the probation period, ensure the probation success.If the candidate resigns for his own reasons or fails to pass the probation period, Bizsmooth will provide client a suitable candidate for the position free of charge.

Customized Training

Bizsmooth professional teachers team, based on the full investigation of enterprise customer demand,
for enterprises to tailor perfect training program, closely docking with customer needs.
Our enterprise customized training focuses on the development of practical skills,
customized courses designed according to the actual skill level of the employees and the required skills.
We teach enterprise employees to practical skills collected from work,
answer questions at the scene and solve the work related problems of employees during the training process.
At present, we provide on-site training service for enterprises in Shanghai.
The training time and location can be flexibly customized according to customer requirements.

Skill level test

Bismooth skills training school is built on the strong technical strength of bizsmooth,it is rated as A-Level Enterprise of Education Quality and Credit for Vocational training institutions by Shanghai Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security.
Bizsmooth has developed various examination systems independently, and has promoted the trainees' skills through long-term use in the Bizsmooth skills training school.
Bizsmooth is now independent of the mature test system, providing cilients with level testing services, so that enterprises can effectively investigate the skills of employees.

BizStudy is a new generation of pure B/S architecture for INTERNET and LAN online exercise and examination platform.
It is suitable for all kinds of online examination, competition, practice and other applications, fully realized the examination of the network and paperless and automation.

To test the level of service provided by Bizsmooth, can let the true level of employees, also can let the staff know their business skills, enhance the learning and understanding of business knowledge, combine theory study and practice, to provide effective employee occupation quality, so as to test and promote science to with the purpose of promoting science.